W Quaternion?

I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

Long story, short… Can I simply Lock the W Quaternion to 1.0, then rotate, and still end up with X, Y and Z values that make sense?

What is W Quaternion?

(Back story - I am re-using a character for a project. If I use it again in the future, I will switch to XYZ Euler BEFORE I start animating :pensive: )

Now I may be very wrong, because quaternions are scary, so take it for what it’s worth.
As I understand XYZ do not represent the rotation, but rather a vector around which the objects rotates. And W component is the amount of rotation around said vector.

From what I’ve seen on the Net so far, mere mortals are not supposed to meddle with this stuff directly :scream:


You’re describing axis angle, quaternion is on another level of alien… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjMuIxRvygQ

@calpgrmr no you can’t… all four components are used to describe a rotation. Always make sure the rotate order makes sense before animating. The “main” axis should be last : if the controller is meant to rotate on Y axis a lot, choose XZY or ZXY.

There’s still something you can do if you wan’t to keep animating using eulers instead of quaternions : bake movement to an empty (by constraining it to the animated controller then launching “bake action” operator), change the controller’s rotate order to euler, then constrain the controller to the empty (the opposite as before), and bake movement again. Of course your fcurves will be sampled every frame but I think there’s an operator to simplify curves. I haven’t used that in a while so can’t remember how it’s called

Great answer!

And pretty much the way I feel about this subject and many CGI subjects.

No one really knows - for a fact - how it works.

Just sit back. Relax, and enjoy the ride!

I’ll look into that. Thanks.

Once this project is done, I’ll make some character changes… and be good to go!