Ok, I have had braces for just a little over a year. I’ve done well with them, good hygiene, no broken brackets or anything. Blah blah, I went to regular checkups to see if I needed brackets moved, replaced, or different wires. Sorry I forgot to mention that I have Daamon, or Damon, or Daemon, or whatever the hell it is kind of braces. Well, today was the turning point of pain. I just moved to Missouri, and my new orthodontists want my teeth to move along just a bit faster. That isn’t a good sign.

Well guess what? I just got rubber bands. They go in a triangle on my back teeth.

S.O.S!!! S.O.S!!! S.O. FREAKING S!

I keep getting the frequent stabbing pains in my gums. I can’t eat AT ALL, in fact I haven’t eaten anything today. We are out of applesauce. I used to think the tightenings were painful, even though this isn’t as painful as first getting braces. Believe me, my teeth were messed up. And even worse, my dad just made my favorite food: cinnamon rolls.

I hate orthodontia.

Feel sorry for me please… PLEASE???
Just kidding.

It will wear off after a couple days. Take some pain pills and go to sleep. :wink:

Yeah I know it’ll wear off. Its just that 2 minutes feels like… um… ten.
No, more like 19318560187560187560128576 years, or maybe even an hour.

But I plan to slip down some Tylenol.

I have had rubber bands too, And you got small metal things on your teeth right where the eubber bands are attached. You have to take the rubber bands off when you are going to eat. If you don’t you won’t be able to eat, if you are fat this can be healthy for you. But if you are not fat you should take the rubber bands off when you eat. And btw the rubber bands are VERY annoying when you sleep. If you snore, the rubber bands will make you stop snore cuz you can’t have your mouth open. Also it’s unbearable to wear rubber bands when you are having a cold. And your nose is closed, you get srong jaws cuz you need to keep the mouth open all the time to be able to breath. And if you are running exercising etc, the rubber bands are just too much. I usually take them off. Rubber bands are a pain and I’m laughing at you right now. I had rubber bands in my mouth for 2 years. And I promise you HAHAHAHAHAHHA it’s a nice feeling when you take them off…

Just wanted you to know…

Ha, thanks. I’m not fat, but if I was I think lockjaw would be a better cure. But you can’t get rid of that unlike bands. And I don’t snore, but I do on occasion.

I can’t wait to get them off, I heard when you get your braces off it makes you feel naked.
I’ve always wanted to run around in public naked… not really.

My brother and sister had braces, I was the lucky one who didn’t have to get them.

I know what my brother went through, couldn’t have a good soft-drink because of the braces.

But yes, braces = torture, and orthadontists make tons of money torturing kids by fitting them with those things.

I’m glad I never had to put them braces needed.

Hmm, I can drink soft drinks…

Don’t be such a sissy, man.

If you think that’s pain, you should try to feel what it is like to have both your upper and lower jaws (surgically) broken for multiple times. Then, you can’t eat for more than a month, no talk, and you’d get a lot more rubber bands than you can even imagine right now.

I wore braces in high school. I wrestled. I got cross faced. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s when you are in the down position, and when the whistle blows, the up guy reaches his left hand from your left elbow across to reach your right arm, and does so by dragging his forearm across your face, after he digs the heel of his hand into your jaw, hopefully knocking you out in the process, or at least senseless for a second. Well, that dragging action ground my lips into my braces and the match was halted as blood came pouring out of my mouth all over the ref. The coach had to peel my lips off my braces. The inside of my lips was hamburger for weeks. Suck it up.

Or eat it up if you’re a Dragon, hamburgered lips would be snack food for a Dragon in its physical Dragon form.

I got braces, I’m doing pretty good with them. Its a good excuse for wagging home room “I went to the orthodontists” :wink:
I had my cheeks grinded into my braces once, I got slapped as a joke. What are the rubber bands for anyway, is it to fix over/under bites?

Yeah, they’re used to pull the teeth into the right place.

Orthodontists can pull them all the way around if they have to. It’s actually quite amazing to see that happening in just a few days/weeks.

That is ouch.

Just wanted to say that those few rubber bands aren’t as bad as you’re feeling it right now :wink:

Although I definitely do agree with the annoying consequences of wearing the rubber bands. It’s not really a pain, but annoying it is!

learn to love it.

You’ll miss the pain when you get them removed.

Yeah after I get them off I’ll wake up in the morning and expect to feel little bumps under my lips.