Wacom Artpad II on Linux?


can anybody tell how to install the wacom artpad ii on suse 8.2, or where i find more information?



Thank you,
but i knew that and didn’t manage to install it. Maybe next year or so, when i know more about Linux.
Sad, but true, scanner and tablet are the two things that let me keep a windows partition :frowning:


… its pretty much the same for me :wink: - except that counterstrike is another reason for me :wink:
but i just wait, until friend visits me … :smiley:

Hab grad deinen Post auf Linuxforen.de gesehen. Ein wenig weiter als ich bist du ja schon :wink:
Ach so, du kennst nicht zufällig jemanden, der den letzten Aldi-Scanner zum Laufen gebracht hat?


nein sry, keine idee …
steht auf linux foren nichts? dann siehts eher schlecht aus … mach sonst dort einen thread auf - dort hab ich mal bisschen mit gelesen, ist aber ganz abartig …
jetzt such ich noch, wenn ich ein problem hab :slight_smile:

how i did it:

  1. Carefully RTFM.
  2. see 1.
  3. Take a walk with the dog and calm down.
  4. see 2.
  5. Plug the f*****g thing into the right port.



(Ah GIMP with tablet, never worked on Windows)

aaaaarhhh … mine wacom does not work with gimp under windows as well …
i think, this is going to motivate me, doing it like you :smiley:
… but i fear, the mine is in the right port - it works with other apps under win …

ahhhh but there is options in gimp that you have to fidle with to get any pad to work.

WinGimp with tablet really sucks.
But on Linux, well it’s not Painter but it’s fun. If you use the right brushes it’s really cool.


/me does not find it smart, to simulated real artists tools on computers. i have to fight enough, with tablettmatters :wink:
i think the way described by the tutorial at 3dtotal.com - what seems down to me - cleverer …
oh, it can be foud there: http://www.visual-god.com/ayu.html

Funny thing is, i can’t draw, but i like to smear virtual paint around without having dirty fingers…
I bought the tablets because it’s also very useful for retouching photos (which i can…)

Simulating real tools is a matter of taste, i think there are artists who like to do their work on a computer, and you won’t see it.

I tink using the right brush gives a boring stroke a better look.
Not to think of texture painting. You should have seen my face when i find out that one of the grunge brush sets i downloaded is animated (Uses different brushtips when stroking). So great.

Pixia was developed by Isao Maruoka and since most of his, mainly Japanese, testers use tablets it works pretty well.



yeah, for texturing are unclean brushes perfect :slight_smile:
i would like to use it for photos as well - there would even be some wip-composings :wink: