Wacom Bamboo tablet?

I’m looking into buying a tablet for my PC and I was wondering if anyone has had the Wacom bamboo pen and touch tablet and if so is it a good tablet? I don’t have a huge budget so that’s why I’m looking at this one… and I know Wacom makes nice ones

If that’s the one you can afford, go buy it. The only thing I’d recommend would be to save up and get an 8x6 Graphire if you can, but if the drawing size and extra DPI aren’t really a major concern, the bamboo ones are still very nice. If you compare them to any other tablet it’s like comparing apples to oranges. The only tablets that beat the bamboo tablets are the other Wacom tablets - and only for size / DPI / pressure sensitivity. The way the pen feels on the surface is pretty much the same on all of the Wacom tablets, except the Cintiq’s, which feel a little more slipperly to me.

If I had a choice of a Wacom Bamboo or any other size tablet from any other brand, I’d still go with the Wacom. They feel a lot better and are a lot better built. I’ve tried two other brands and both have been glitchy and the pens weigh more due to the batteries you have to use in them. My Intuos has never glitched once in the couple of years I’ve used it.

I got one earlier this year, a Bamboo that is. A very nice tablet for people who dont want to spend heaps but still want some quality and something good to work with.

Its got a good amount of pressure sensitivity, I havent used many tablets but you dont really need much more than 512 unless your some pro artist. And it is a bit small compared to some other tablets, but definitely still usable.

I recommend it. Wacom is one of the best tablet brands out there. :smiley:


I got mine about a year ago, and it has never failed me.

I got a smaller one, the package came with the pad, the pen, a mouse, Photoshop elements 6, Corel draw, and another program I can’t remember.

BE WARNED- it is not like traditional drawing at all, because when you draw, you aren’t looking at the paper- you are looking at the screen.

I love mine a lot. once you get it, you’ll never want to go back. I enables you to be very precise in drawing an image editing.

hey thanks! I think I’ll go with that one :smiley:

Could add that I’ve had some problems with my bamboo, especially getting it to work correctly in linux. Using it mostly in Windows however, so never spent too much time on it. I’ve also sometime had problems in windows, something that comes to mind is the area of the tablet suddenly only working on part of the screen. Nothing a reboot wouldn’t solve though.

I don’t mean that it would be a bad tablet: most of the time it works just as expexted, and i’d give it good marks. I would like more button customization options however, and sometimes I miss that it won’t notice the angle the pen is at, or if i rotate it.

TLDR: It’s good value for your money, quality is good, excellent as a first tablet. If you are a professional artist, or experienced painter, you might want to look at more expensive options.

well I wont be using coughstupidlinuxcough :evilgrin:

yeah I can’t really draw worth a crap so I wont care if it doesn’t notice things like angles and all that… I just draw cartoony textures like in my game Adventures in egg world:smiley:

Hi Louie,
i bought a Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch a few weeks ago and use it all the time! Eventually it will work in Linux but that might take a while …
I absolutely love it!

My Wacom Art Pad is at least eleven years old. It’s so old that it connects through a COM port because USB didn’t exist at the time I bought it. It still works perfectly and Wacom still carries pens for it as well as newer drivers. Wacom is only more expensive than its competitors until you divide the price by over a decade of reliable use.