Wacom bug

Hi guys!

I posted this somewhere else a while ago, time to get back as 2.5 is coming along. Actually, I don’t even KNOW where to post technical issues, so I’ll give it another shot here.

I’m constantly experiencing weird pen interaction (only in Blender). Sometimes the pressure sensitivity seems to be off suddenly and when I paint textures, there’s a big, dark splotch of paint on my texture. Also the brush seems to drag sometimes - like it gets caught in the place used and when I move on to make another dot it just continues painting in mid air. Makes painting a bit of a challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

I was also thinking if it were possible to remap keys INCLUDING LMB/RMB. I cannot use any of the built in express keys, because I can’t map “ctrl+shift” alone, only combined with another keystroke. The Intuos drivers are quite retarded anyway, they only support english keyboards, and even if you copy&paste foreign characters to map your touch ring and stuff it’s impossible. In the support forum you actually really get answers, but they always refer to “the next driver version”, and I should try to use a keymapper. So if I have to use a keymapper, maybe I can at least use it with Blender, too…