Wacom ditches the "bamboo" brand and makes it the new intuos.

Wacom has just announced that the professional grade tablets known as the Intuos will now be called the Intuos Pro, where as the Bamboo tablets will now be called the Intuos. Despite this marketing move, I have to admit those new tablets are aesthetically pleasing.


Source: http://www.wacom.com/us/en/creative/intuos-s

Ah marketing :slight_smile: I know a lot who uses an Intuos 4/5 purely as an input device (including myself at work) and don’t take advantage of the extra sensitivity or tilt, where a Bamboo would do just fine and make more sense economically. But I guess some people will still go for the Pro to feel “pro”… Of course other things matter too, I heard the Bamboo pen doesn’t feel so nice to hold compared to the Intuos?

I will likely pick up this “new” Intuos to replace my craptastic Graphire 3 at home.

Yep, its really all about how the pen feels. The whole “pressure” upgrades is mostly marketing hype since its just the software thats interpreting that supposed pressure difference. A tablet reviewer over on the tabletpcreview forums did a break down of what went into wacom digitizers, and he explained there really is no noticeable difference between 512, 1024 and 2048 levels of pressure. The difference is in how they design the pens to feel like there is and when the feedback starts. Pretty sure the pens just give a normalized value anyhow for the software to interpret.