Wacom & Dual monitor set up

Hi I have decided to buy an Intuos3, but I am unsure of what size to get A5 or A4. I read on another forum that the wide versions are not suitable for dual set ups due to the aspect ratio.

I filled out the questionaire on the wacom site and it recommended the A5 but didn’t have an option for dual screen only size.

I also read that some configurations split the tablet surface in two, one half per screen (they didn’t say whether they had a wacom pen and mouse or just the pen and their normal mouse), if this is the case I think that the A5 would be too small and should go for the A4. I don’t want to buy one and regret not buying the other size. Unfortunately I don’t have access to try one out.

My head is swimming with information at the moment and I was hoping you would be able to shed some light by explaing your configurations/experiences.

Any advice/info apprecaited.

at my work i have a 9x12 wacom and am using it with a dual monitor system
not for blender but for video editing-compositing and it works great.
at home I have a 12x12 wacom and it feels strange with a dual monitor system because it is as tall as wide but my desktop is wider than tall.
hope that helps.

I really need to learn to use blender with the pen, I love my setup at work!

yeah wacom has never really dealt with the dual monitor issue. just having a hotkey or something that you could switch your monitor would be great. but Noooooo :frowning: