Wacom Graphire and 2.43RC1

I’ve got a Wacom Graphire with pen and mouse. Usually with Blender I use the mouse due to the absence of wheel and middle button in the pen.
The pen has an absolute positioning (mode pen), while the mouse has a relative movement (mode mouse), which allows a more precise work.
So was until 2.42. But with 2.43RC1 (Windows zip) my mouse inside Blender works in mode pen, not allowing me to reach certain parts of the window, and losing precision. (Outside Blender the mouse keep working as before).
Is there any way to change this?
And by the way: do you use a tablet with Blender? If so, which model?
Thanks in advance for your answers.

I took this issue to the bugs forum and they did fix this issue for the release of 2.43. If you go to www.graphicall.org you can download a build that has the fixes to this issue it is the one dated 1-7-07.