Wacom Intuos 3 Setup for Blender?

I recently bought my Intuos3 A5 tablet and Im a little confused in using this with Blender. I cant manage to make a good setup for expression keys and pen buttons for working in Blender. Can recomand someone a good one? What setup is the best for your Intuos3+Blender? Im using WinXP. Thanks.

I think blender is designed around keyboard and mouse (to be more specifically one’s right hand on the mouse and left hand on the keyboard hovering around ‘D’.)

Wacom is probalby more for 2D artists… Just my 2 cents.

Although the new scupt mode might work well with a wacom.

yeah tablet is really bad for 3d, unless you are using scuplture tools, as already said.

tablets are gestural, most 3d is accurate/ linear in 3 planes.


But it seams that the only one of us who has a job with blender, JOngle, said he uses a tablet.

I just got an A4 Intuos 3 and find the features like the keys and the touch pads to be just brilliant. My Photoshop workslow is already a lot faster, cos when working on a big piece I can just hold a button on the tablet to drag the image around. Before I had to use the scroll bars or zoom out and back in again.

There is no reason why the tablet couldn’t be an effective tool in Blender, and I don’t agree with the comment about tablets being bad for precision work. Large tablets with pucks are the preferred input method for CAD.

I have always advocated a more flexable user interface, I really don’t like how Blender assumes everyone is right-handed for a start. The Intuos series provides features such as tilt and pressure data as well as the keys on the version 3 models. It seems a shame not to take advantage of that stuff in Blender.

Since 2 years I only use Blender in combination with Intuos 3 and the pen. The mouse is to heavy and doesn`t slide well on the tablet. It took a while to learn how to use the pen…
Klicking with the peak is - left klick
Switcher below -right Klick
Switcher above -Middle Klick (you have to put double Klick in your Intuos Preferences)

When using Right or Middle Mouse you have to keep a distance with the peak of the pen and the tablet. Dont`t touch the tablet with the peak of the pen while klicking Right or Middle Mouse !!

Since I don`t use the Intuos mouse any more the inflamation of my little right finger disappeared :slight_smile:


While I’ve not done much of anything with my tablet in Blender, tablets in general are fantastic for 3D work (moreso if they’re well supported by the application itself obviously). I used mine in Maya for a while, and I’ve run across others who use them almost exclusively. It’s just a question of getting used to it. They’re particularly good for things like weight painting, if you’ve got something that supports pressure sensitivity, but they work fine for regular modeling tasks as well. For something like Z Brush, I imagine they’d be an absolute treasure.

Am I correct in thinking that Blender doesn’t support pressure sensitivity?

I think next version will have something.

“Basic Tablet pressure sensitivity support in Image Paint for opacity, size and spacing. Use the P button near the sliders.”

It’d be nice to see full pressure/tilt support in Blender, plus the pad buttons and slides would be a real asset once they’re properly configured.

“Tablet pressure support added to Blender core, Linux X11 and Mac OS X are supported, no Windows yet.”

Pressure sensitivity will be great to have. Here’s hoping that Windows support makes it in at some point in the near future.


“Tablet pressure support added to Blender core, Linux X11 and Mac OS X are supported, no Windows yet.”

This news is a werry good one, beacouse soon we will have integrated the BlenderSculpt module in the main aplication.

Im hopping to have presure sensitivity also in windows version of Blender (Im using mainly windows).