Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 not powerful enough

Hi all,

I am in a bit of a predicament. One and a half years ago I bought a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 to draw. But now I’m at the point in which I love to use Blender. But as you can guess, the graphics card just can’t handle it. It can manage the program just fine but rendering takes a insane long time with bad results.

Now I’m looking something that can give extra power to my Wacom Mobile Studio Pro, even if it’s just a bit. I’m gonna use it for work too but I’m also a graphic designer, illustrator, and animator so it’s just a part of my job. Next year when my internship is over and I’m gonna start for real I’ll get an iMac 27” to work on for the adobe programs. Isn’t that powerful enough to render? Or do I need to buy another PC?

Hope you guys can help me :slight_smile:

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Sry to say that but in a year’s time you might not even be able run Blender on a MAC. To date they are the worst possible choice for us. Look into the great amount of MAC related topics here on BA.

@chalybeum is right. Apple deprecated Open GL and Blender runs on it. Until you use Apple’s products for 2D you’re ok, but if you go 3D you’re out of luck then. Apple simply doesn’t care for 3D. At least not enough. Even the new Mac Pro, is a platform for cinema work…

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Thank you for the reply! Okay then what do you suggest I should do? Buy a better version of the Wacom Studio Pro with a NVIDIA graphics card?

Errrm, when your Wacom is handling Blender just fine in operation, why not get a extra PC just for rendering? You will get much, much more bang for the buck. I mean a iMac wouldn’t have given you mobility also.
I am not really shure, what your goal really is.

Yeah it’s just for rendering indeed. But what kind of pc? I really am a noob when it comes to pc specs :confounded: Someone recommended me the HP Omen 875-1685nd. But that thing is like 3K and I think that my boss’s budget is not that big

Yeah, I had a feeling about that…
Sooo, this is a PC for your workplace. Then I guess your Boss doesn’t want you build it yourself. That’s unfortunate, since I am not familiar with the OEM market (and you could have saved money and get a tailored machine). Anyways I’d like to advise you to read around in the abundance of PC build threads around here to get a feeling about hardware for Blender.
A general trend at the moment is a pairing of AMD/NVIDIA. AMD CPU for their excellent price/performance ratio and recent RTX cards for the addition of Optix rendering into Cycles.
For a deeper recommendation it would be helpful to know an actual budget, your use case( animation/stills?, large scenes?) and where you are from. Markets differ dramatically based on location.

Well I’m from the Netherlands. Oh god I didn’t ask for a budget, he just asked me what I needed to render faster. At the moment my skills are not that good and for work I’m making rather small things. Right now I made a single belt for someone and a building with some tennis fields around it. Like I don’t plan on making a full movie or anything. I would love to be able to make character rigs and animations one day tho. My function at work was originally graphic designer. But right now I illustrate and animate (After Effects) as well. So 3D will be like 1/4th of my function there. Of course I want to get better at it for personal use. For budget he said we could buy a Mac Mini, now I know that is out of the question but that is around 1000 bucks.

Ok cool, Europe makes it a lot easier (for me).
I just checked for HP Omens and found this one [email protected]. Not what I’d call ‘professional grade’ but somewhat in the price region. Could serve as a base to build upon in the future.
On the other hand, since this is a machine for your company you might as well build a dedicated headless render machine, get a small CPU just to get it running and put powerful GPU’s in it. Then use it to render over your network.
But then that would need at least someone in house who can deal with that stuff.

Edit: Btw. What is more needed in your business high turn around as in rapid prototyping or exquisite optics like in Photorealism?