Wacom Pen and Touch

Hello friends, I´m thinking of buying the Wacom Pen and Touch, but I have a doubt, here at my work I use a GOTEC that´s very simple, and beside simple one mouse function that I use a lot in blender do not work in this one, the scrolling.
Since I already have this issue with this tablet I´m asking before buying, can this Wacom simulate the scrollwheel middle mouse button…?

Be careful about trying to use the bamboo pen on linux, it was very hard to get working and buggy because it is so new. not yet supported by synaptic.

Hi and sorry for the late response (just checked my msgs),
I use that model on a Mac (iMac) and absolutely love it! If it wasn’t for the Bambo Pen & Touch, I’d have to buy a better mouse …
The funny thing is that just a bit earlier, I wrote on my blog which features some of my favorite gear, what I think of the tablet.
If you feel like it, go read it at http://ernstrenner.com (look for the hardware tab)

ciao for now :slight_smile: