Wacom Pen New

Hey everyone, I just got my wacom pen and ink input devise, and I was in blender, and I could figure out how to pan or rotate the view with it, any anwsers for me, its the first time I have ever used one, so any learning curve issues you have crossed would be welcome as explanation, thanks for any help.

If you set “emulate 3 button mouse” in the user preferences, the pen acts as a left mouse button so:
Rotate = Alt+pen
Pan = Shilf+Alt+pen
Zoom = Ctrl+Alt+pen

Thanks Richard, that really helped, I’m really enjoying this, I like to skulpt for my landscapes, so this is going to help 100% Thanks, any more advise from anyone would be great. :yes:

its alot of fun yes it is!! i alos bought a wacom recently, i havent used it in blender yet, just mypaint.
if you have a tablet you have to check it out, it is so fun. http://mypaint.intilinux.com/