Wacom pen - Proportional Editor - adjust size


I use a Wacom pen, and want to use the ‘proportional edit’ tool. The person in the tutorial says to use the scroll-wheel to adjust the size, the pen hasn’t got one. Is there an other way to get this thing going, there doesn’t seem to be ‘proportional editor’ toolbar where I can input size numbers …

An overall question, are there a lot of people using pen & tablet for modeling or does the majority use a mouse. I’m curious because about 5 years ago I saw people using pen’s at studios and the last time I had a behind the scene look they where all clicking, except for those who where doing the drawings.



What wacom do you have? Did you go into the wacom tools and make your settings? There should be a little scroll pad on the tablet.
Proportional editor You click with your pin at the same time ( on the intous) use the long scroll pad you can see the circle change. I can find no way to do it on the key board but maybe somebody else can

I like the pen and tablet. Its so fast…

It’s an Intuos 2 (see pic), there is no ‘scroll’ on the tablet, I do have a mouse with a scroll-wheel that went originally with it, but it’s stacked away in some box. My wacom-tool settings are basic, I guess you could compare it to using the trackpad on a laptop, there isn’t an option either to scroll up or down by using for example to fingers on the pad.


There is no scroll on that tablet I can see. You need a mouse wheel . I found it. You dont need a mouse wheel, Page up page down, next to the numbers pad, will adjust the size of the proportional editor ( if you have no mouse).


That’s really helpful, it never came to my mind to use those 2 keys to get things going,