Wacom Pen Tool Doesn't Work w/2.8?

Just opened Vers. 2.8 for the first time, and Wacom Pen tool isn’t working for me in Grease Pencil mode? When I make a stroke, the screen pixelates with a pink color. It does the same thing when I try to use my mouse to make a stroke.

Both seem to work in other Modes…need help! I’m sure it’s my lack of unfamiliarity with 2.8???

so would the title not better be amended to saying grease pencil mode is not working?

The pink pixelated areas is could indicate a graphics/GPU bug. Does it only occur when using your tablet or also with the mouse? Does it also occur on a different computer? Depending on what graphics card you have this could just be a driver issue, or could be due to something else. I know I had a similar issue with integrated graphics and Eevee.

wolfie138, No offense, but the “Grease Pencil Mode” DOES work - just not the Wacom Pen (or mouse) when in Grease Pencil Mode…as I stated.

You title a thread specifically about Wacom not working, then say the mouse does the same thing, so it would seem to me Wacom isn’t the issue. you say grease pencil produces faults, and the other modes are okay. sounds like a GP issue to me

Sounds to me like he means the wacom mouse, it’s shaped like a mouse but is functionally the same tech as the pen.

wolfie138: I have a Wacom pad, with a Pen, AND I have a mouse…both of which can be used to draw with. Both work fine with Vers. 2.79, and both appear to work fine in Vers. 2.8…EXCEPT IN GREASE PENCIL MODE, where both simply create green and pink pixelation when activated.

smilebags: My Graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB; 3.06GHz Intel Core i3; 16 GB Ram. The pixilation does occur with both the Wacom Pen and the mouse. However, when I go into Sculpt Mode (for example), it appears both work as intended??