WACOM Pen & Touch

Hey gang,
I just got an WACOM Pen & Touch!
The reason why I’m posting this is because the tablet is just sooooo exciting to use :slight_smile:

Anyone else picked on up and if yes, what do you think? I love this thing and can’t live without it … or so it seams :wink:

I’ve got a wacom pen. Great stuff for sculpting in 3d coat, for me.

tanks for suggesting/mentioning 3D Coat … I have to give it a try :slight_smile:
Today is day three of using this thing and I can not live without it anymore! It feels as if my laptop has a HUGE GIANT touch pad YAY!

A pen tablet is great for painting, and 3d Coat is essentially moulding clay in 3d (using voxels). The two combined are lots of fun.


There’s a weird animal I made.

Hey, you are a talented guy! Will you be using that model in the film: “Honey, I ironed the puppy?” LOL
(European sense of humor direct from Schnitzel Land)

Coincidentally, I too am working on an animal project and probably will be for years to come. Great gear is not always easy to find but this Wacom Pen and Touch tablet and my new bose speakers are making my life a lot easier!

If anyone is considering moving to a tablet, do yourself a favor and check this youtube link which explains why I am so excited about this thing :slight_smile:

Ho hum, I wish I had Photoshop. Having to run gimp through X11 makes painting fast impossible.

I have an old Graphire 3 that I have been thinking about upgrading. The new Bamboo P& T’s look really cool, but I was curious if the pen on that unit has an eraser and if so is it functional (e.g., has pressure sensitivity).


Hi Andy,
the pen has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity and yes, it has an eraser but unfortunately, I can’t tell you if that end of the stick is pressure sensitive as well. I usually just “undo” because I am not used to erasing … yet :slight_smile:

Alright, back to scribbling!
Coincidentally, I downloaded a new 2.5 blender compile and used grease pencil … sweet!

I nevar erase.

I never do either, but GIMP let’s you assign one tool to the pen, and one to the eraser. So, you can do pen strokes, flip the stylus, and then do airbrush.

Hey, I didn’t know that! I just used the X key to swap colors, assuming I’m not using layers and want to erase with transparency.

Hey OneMan, I was take a looking at your thread and see that you have the new Bamboo Pen and Touch, I´m thinking of buying one of it, I would like to ask you, how does the scroll wheel of mouse work with this device. You see, I´m in a mouse so the middle button that have a scroll wheel it´s used for scrolling the web and zooming in blender off course.
How this movements are made with this Bamboo…?

OK, I just fired up blender again and tested the scrolling …
With the babmo alone, there is no way of changing the radius if you use the “magnet” feature. I remember that being an issue for a while now for those of us who use Linux with a three button mouse.
Maybe I’m wrong?
If you happen to be on an iMac than you are in luck!!! You can glide on the inteli-mouse and change the radius that way.

What OS are you using?

Thank you for the reply, I´m on Windows Vista at work and Windows 7 at home.
So you are saying that scrolling and Proportional Editing do not work because there´s no use of the scrolling feature for the tablet on Blender…? I post on a new thread that here at work Im using a GOTEC tablet that´s to bad, that´s why I´m question you, this tablet don´t have a scrolling for navigation in web and documents and would be too much if I want that feature on blender ehehehe, but I think that since Wacom Pen and Touch is a multitouch tablet that feature would exist, the model I´m looking to buy for work and home is this one, but if it miss that feature I´m not going to buy, imagine, have to use the mouse every time I have to do a proportional editing or zooming in and out its out of question…


Actually, don’t quote me on this BUT, there night be a way to program one of the four buttrons??? I have not tried it but but remember that the surface of the tablet itself is sensitive to data entry as well which means that there might be a way to do this?

I will experiment a bit and let you know as soon as I find a solution that is helpful to you!

i can confirm that the pen has “scroll wheel” functionality (out of the box without extra tweaking) but it’s a bit awkward to use as you would have to have a little “dummuy” mesh somewhere off screen or even better on a different layer for adjusting the radius in order not to mess up what you are working on.
Here is a screenshot of the configuration panel and you can see the Pan/Scroll feature for yourself.

Are you thinking of getting the model you posted (black one) or the gray one?

Im thinking of buying the black one, thank you for the screenshot, I´m going to buy even if blender dont work to well, blender is often updated so maybe in a near future I can use this future with this tablet…