Wacom Settings not recognized by Blender 2.9


So I just got this new Wacom Cintiq, and one of the feature that I like is that I can set the pen and keys for separate softwares. So I made this quick setup for sculpting in Blender, but for some reason, I manage to make it work only once. Every time I boot Blender, I get some random setup (that aren’t even the one by default). Once I managed to make it work, I tried to reproduce the steps since but no luck.

So I know, I’m currently on an alpha version of Blender, but I made the switch because I was just not able to make my Huion tablet (previous tablet) work on Blender 2.83

Anyone experienced this before? Software issue or Wacom driver issue?

I’m on Windows 10 64bit.

Oh! And I’m using 2 screens. Every time I open Blender, it opens up in my other monitor and I have to slide it over to my Cintiq…does that make a difference? I don’t think so but you tell me.



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