Wacom support ? No pressure sensitivity on Windows 7.

Hi !

I am using the latest 2.63 official and an intuos 3 under Win 7 64.

My pressure sensitivity works fine within GIMP, but not in Blender (Texture paint nor sculpt)
Does anyone witness the same problem ?

depending on what it is your doing (i havent tested it with my intuos) but on the brush settings there is a little button next to the pressure and size sliders which turns pressure control on :slight_smile:

Yes, sure, I checked that. I’ve checked the various things concerning tablets in the control panels, but no luck. Still On/Off but nothing in between.

ArtRage works fine, so does GIMP, but not Blender.
Do you run 7 64bits too ?

Yikes… It works with an older version of Blender. (onion branch 32 bits)

Could it be my install of 2.63 ?

Im having a couple of issues with 2.63 also so i wouldnt be that surprised. I have had to roll back and run both versions at the moment which isnt ideal but at least it means i can work with it lol

I have just uninstalled 2.63 (taking away presets) and re-installed: same as before.
A 64-bit tile branch version is problematic too…

I am gonna try with the official 32-bit version


Yikes. Serious troubles for me.

So, I have tried both the 32 and the 64 bits official builds (as .zip), and everything is fine in the 32 bits version. My working onion branch build was also 32 bits, and the non-working tile-branch version was 64 bits.

So it seems the 64 bits versions can’t handle pressure sensitivity on my system.

Is there any-one out there with 7 64 bits having the same problem ???

New update: I’ve just cleaned up Wacom’s driver and loaded the very latest 620 instead of the previous 617.
It works.

So just a driver issue, then.

What did the bard say ? Much ado about nothing ?

im glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: i will have to keep it in mind if i come across the same problem :slight_smile: