Wacom Tablet for CAD design (3d printing)


This is my first post in the forums… Not sure if it’s supposed to be here (please change it if not!).

I’ve been reading about Wacom Tablets for a little while now and wondering whether or not they would fit my purposes. I read several threads here in the forums but didn’t find an answer.

I’m not that good in Blender and I’m learning as I go. I mainly use it as a sort of CAD tool to design 3d models to be 3d printed. I love RepRap and I’ve been working with my i2 (my printer) for several months now and gotten really nice prints. I’ve edited some STLs (its the file format used for 3d printing) with Blender and it’s been great.

My question is this: how useful would a Wacom Tablet be to edit/design CAD models? Most models are kinda square non-organic. Think of it as machine-design.

Thank you for your replies!!! :smiley: