Wacom tablets problems ....... jumps to huge values when dragging off screen

Hi folks,

I have a problem when using Blender together with my Wacom tablet that has only manifested itself in the last year or so, before that i don’t ever remember having a problem.

Imagine starting with the default cube.

I go to object properties and drag the Y scale value to the right.

It increases to around 4 as my pen approaches the edge of my tablets working area (and which is also the edge of the screen when not in tablet mouse mode).

But if i inadvertently keep dragging past that point, the Y value will jump to some very high value like 1000, which obviously isn’t desirable.

Of course there’s always the undo function, but where it becomes more problematic is with viewport navigation. If i’m zooming and make this mistake, my zoom will jump to some huge (or tiny) number, and this isn’t undo-able, which is quiet frustrating.

And it’s especially frustrating as earlier incarnations of Blender didn’t exhibit this problem.

I guess there are two ways it should actually work: either when you drag out of the tablets working area, the value in blender should stop incrementing, or alternatively it keeps incrementing with a much slower velocity, ideally at a similar velocity that it sensed before you exited the working area.

I realize that one solution is just never to drag off screen, but i’d rather not have to be careful and conscious of this when creating stuff!

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or other words of wisdom?

Is there anyone using a Wacom who isn’t having this problem? And if so, which model are you using?


try disabling this and see if it helps:

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Usually tablets do use an absolute mode so you can’t drag the cursor further as the end of the tablet area… because the tablet generates no more position data…

Could it be by chance you are using your tablet in relative mode (mouse mode) ??

(Using mouse and wacom tablet myself… continous grab enabled… )

Thanks, i fixed it, it was a Wacom driver issue, silly me!

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