Wacom Volito2 Pen Tablet?

im currently looking for a graphic tablet that will work with blender, photoshop etc and was wondering (for a beginner) if this would be good enough, im also not to good at drawing at the moment, i am learning but i dont want to spend to much on a tabley at the moment

http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/store/[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=cccladdgkfdkjefcflgceggdhhmdfhm.0&page=Product&sku=750029&fm=11&sm=4&tm=2&tabIndex=1


ive also seen a Genius WizardPen Graphic Tablet 4x3 EasyPen with serial interface!

WizardPen 4x3 is a natural pen device for easy drawing, painting, sketching and signing documents or handwriting notes on the Internet or in any application program. Forget about cord tangles, dust accumulation, or difficult drawings, with the cordless 512-level pressure sensitive pen, you can get all kinds of shapes and thickness with just a press of the pen.

Plus, WizardPen 4x3 provides other great features such as 4064 LPI high resolution; the customized pen button for fast browsing up/down, left/right on the Internet and in Windows documents; and fantastic handwritten annotation software.


- Working Area 4"x 3"
- Resolution 2540 LPI
- Accuracy 0.01"
- Proximity 10 mm
- Baud Rate 150 ~ 19200 BPS
- Dimension 6.5" x 5.5" x 0.375"

Stylus Pen
- Button Number 2 buttons
- Operating System Windows Me/2000/95/98/NT4.0

for 15 pounds


I have asked this question on other forums and have always been told to go for either an Wacom intuos or graphire, they are more expensive but are more suited to what you are looking to do.

I think the volito is more geared towards basic annotation and hand writing.
Have a look at ebay uk.

But go for a wacom above all else.


I have a cheapo Wacom but hardly use it,
thinking bout getting rid of it.
I just can’t get used to the feeling of drawing but having to look at a different screen.
So I’m basically much better off using the mouse or scanning.

I like that Wacom Cintiq tablet because you’re drawing on the screen itself,
but the price is about €2500… :o
Not for me yet :]

I had Wacom’s first wave Volito tablet, which I bought as my first one. It was decent, but not superb.
It worked fine, but it was just too small for me. It might have something to do whit, that it’s not as accurate as Wacom’s other models.

Last year I bought another cheapo tablet, this time it was Aiptek 12000U, which cost me under 100 euros.

A4, so there’s lots of space.
It has as high pressure sensitivity as Volito

Software along it is more than outdated
Crappy mouse (but I wasn’t impressed whit Wacoms cordless either)
Needs batteries

All in all I’ve been quite pleased whit it. As for cheap tablets go I’d reckon it’s better than first wave Volito, but I’ve haven’t tested the Volito2 tablet, so I can’t say has Wacom upgraded that line or not.