Wacom's new product

Hello people.
First of all, I hope placing this in news and discussion is ok. It should be, IMO.

I was just visiting

I have access @school to an Intuos3 9x12, and I must say, it’s pretty nice. And I’m dreaming about having one of my own.

Now I just noticed that wacom has a new product out (or as far as I know it’s new) called bamboo.


Here’s a comparison table:

It’s only $69, so the question is: if I’m a fairly serious artist but I have a low budget (sound familiar?), do you think I’ll be disappointed with a Bamboo tablet? Does anybody have one? Or does anybody have a lot of experience with different tablets who can look at that table and get a pretty good idea if it’s worth it?
Because it’s waaaay cheaper. But maybe I’d be better off saving up for a while and forking out the cash for an intuos.

The Bamboo isn’t meant for digital artists, as you can see on the general description page. I don’t see how this could be useful to anyone that’s looking to do anything but basic tasks. Seriously, the feature list is limited.

“Sign your name!”

“Make sketches and doodles!”

I would save up for an Intuos if I were you.

yes, intuos is very nice, stay away from Graphire or Bamboo if you can.

Intuos has more pressure sensitivity, plus a tilt. Makes Zbrush almost as much fun as sex :smiley:

hmm, personally, i’ve never used the tilt feature. it feels pretty unnatural to me.

The Bamboo has more features than my Graphire 1, on which I’ve done everything for XTIN Project (still with no serious plans to upgrade). It will be more than enough to paint stuff like this -


and do textures like these:



What Bamboo won’t do is let you access all the features of Photoshop’s brush engine. But you can still kick ass with it.

Bamboo looks like a basic level tablet. Which still can be used for drawing. But for doing serious art like pastel/watercolour painting in OpenCanvas, or stuff you think you’ll be dabbling here and there and where line texture matters, I suggest you save up and use a better version.

its a cool concept, and pretty cheap, i guess its what the SpaceNavigator is to the SpacePilot

Bamboo looks like an upgraded Volito series tablet, which is, as you might know, the cheapest tablet Wacom has. Now, Volito isn’t a bad tablet, it just lacks some elements, the more expensive models have and from the looks of it Bamboo has some of theose elements, like express keys and the ereaser on the pen.

Only thing, that buggers me greatly with Volio is the size and Bamboo looks like, it comes in the same size, at least the cheapest model, but then again, it is wide screen.

I own a volito… very cheap, very small… and I really like it. I may consider the bamboo for myself actually. The bigger ones are of course better, but they cost as well. I’d say… if you’ve never used a tablet before then spending $40 for a volito or $70 for a bamboo is not a bad idea. At least, probably a better idea than spending heaps on something you haven’t worked with before.


Tilt can be helpful when painting. It makes many brushes feel more natural and so makes workflow easier. It also adds a variety of strokes, so brushes taper off and swirl very nicely.
I use a Graphire 2 with Painter and ArtRage.


I’ve used an A3 size intuos once (waaay to big to be usefull to me) I’ve used an A4 medion board, was okay because I didn’t know any better, right now, i think those are VERY akward.
I bought a graphire3 once, and I love it. I’ve played with graphire 2 in school, which seemed okay and all, just didn’t have a lot of use for it, and the model was to round and all for me. Not portable/robust enough.

I still use the graphire3 at home, which IS a kickass tablet, pity they are so hard to find.
because I wanted another one for work, so I bought a cheap graphire4 from ebay or something. pen is completely different, weaker, heavier, the express keys are in an akward place, the picture cover is too big, the tablet itself is too thick,

I started looking around for the intuos3 A6 format or another graphire3 A6 format.
Both of these are no longer made. I finally found another graphire3 A6, so now I own 3 tablets, 2 graphire3’s which kick ass, and one graphire4 which I find akward.

Nothing wrong with graphire … so what if intuos is better and has tilt? not everyone has a use for that you know…

im a happy owner of an Graphire 4 Classic a6… :slight_smile: nothing bad to say, sure intuos is cooler and a bigger extension to your ego, but the tilt is in no way a must(but can be helpful non-the-less!)

well I have a graphire4 classicA6 I’ll be selling shortly, I suppose it’s just me, but I really prefer the graphire3

Each of them is better than drawing with the mouse. I got a Volito 2 for free - and I now can do things with ease that I before only dreamt of or where I admired the artists doing those… and now a colleague got a Intous and my envy is growing… :slight_smile:

The reason Bamboo regular has such a simple description when it comes to art, Is because they want to promote Bamboo Fun for art. Bamboo Fun is bundled with:

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 Win/4.0 Mac
  • Corel Painter Essentials 3.0
  • Nik Color Efex Pro GE filter collectionSo naturally they are not going to want to promote Bamboo regular for artists.
    However if you already have the software to use with it, (e.g. ArtRage Blender GIMP InkScape) then this would be just perfect;).

I didn’t spend much time looking at the page, it’s actually much better than I made it sound. Does the GIMP work with all of these tablet features?

It should work just fine if you set it up right. I don’t have a tablet so I can’t tell how easy it is. I do know that it treats the tablet and mouse separately. So if you select one tool with the mouse and then try to use the tablet it will set it to the tool that was selected with the tablet, and not the mouse. Just make sure you select the tool you want with your tablet, and not the mouse:D

with ubuntu 7.04 its as easy as pluging the tablet in before booting your machine! :slight_smile: (then just make sure you have right settings in the gimp, though they should be right by the default!) :wink:

the only problem with using gimp is when using the pressure sensitivity, it steps between the levels and can look a little funny when you are zoomed in a little. As long as you work at a higher res and down sample though you won’t notice it.

I’m thinking about getting a graphics tablet and was considering the Graphire 4, but because of this thread am considering getting the Bamboo instead. Anyone use both and can compare them? I’m on a Mac and mostly will use it with Photoshop and GIMP.