This is where iam so far.This is Krupp Steyr Waffentrager. It was a german self propelled gun, but only a prototype so it is sooo hard to get any references to build it. I have one main problem. I dont know how to do the tracks.

To do just one “track” and then use some kind of modifier or model everything and let it not to be able to move. Because i would like to make it movable :slight_smile: Do you know any tutorial for moving tracks? Thank you :eyebrowlift:

This looks really good so far. I like the details of the grill hatch and all the bolts. The lighting makes it hard to see the model though. I don’t know how you would do movable tracks. For non movable, I would model 1 segment, and use an array along a curve.

Looking great. Very clean! Maybe this video can help: https://vimeo.com/99765642 For more videos you can try searching up terms like track rigging in blender, tank track modeling, etc.

Thank you for the advices, very good, tracks are movable and functional only one problem and with the grass ive done trough hair …Is it possible to look differently rendered than in preview render?

I fixed the problem, i had to lower down the number of hair RENDERED not only previewed. I realised that this double button is not only for sampling. So i worked on the tracks and the wheels and i have to say that render times are not the worst part of blender :smiley: There is one extra thing. Moving objects when there is heavy scene. :smiley: It is so laggy and yes my windows draw method is overlaping. There is a video: