Wagon Sgns

Here is one of my current projects.
I make it as hobby and for improving my modeling skills.

If you have any references, I would like to see it. It’s hard to found detailed references of the hidden parts of this bogie model.

Some references that I used : http://www.photos-ferroviaires.fr/index.php?/category/505

For sure, it still need some details, but here are some quick renders.
All feedbacks are welcome.

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Add one more view :

Very nicely detailed model! Unfortunately I can not serve you with good reference images.
But to me it already looks awesome, how far do you want to go with the detailed?

This model misses some elements, like tubes and pipes…
I’ve made it for an other project where more details are not really necessary. So I should see later if I take this way.

Nice modelling, are you going to rig and animate it? Nice to see some quality mechanical modelling on here, makes a pleasant change from weapons, cars you can’t afford and monsters that don’t exist!!!

Cheers, Clock.

Nice modelling!
I also like railways and had several related projects.
It’s really hard to get enough references of hidden parts, especially of locomotive bogies.

Maybe one day, but not today :).

The hidden parts remain hidden, but maybe you can find some references here : http://www.photos-ferroviaires.fr/

Thank you for the link!
I mean it’s hard but still possible :slight_smile: Of course it requires hours of browsing among different threads of specialized technical forums, googling a lot and so on.
The interesting point here is that some parts may not be clearly seen but without them a model may look unfinished. These “hidden” parts are really time consumers! :slight_smile:
BTW, here is one of that projects: http://roman-volkov.artstation.com/projects/l6g3Y

Nice. Really good level of detail on this project. And on the other projects of your album.

Wonderful work, Pilot. Regarding the bogies, perhaps this may be helpful: http://www.astrarail.com/products/y25lssd1-k/

Astrarail don’t appear to do an SGNS, but they do have an SGNSS with the same 22.5 tonne axle load of the car you are modelling. The specifications are here: http://www.astrarail.com/products/sgnss-60/

They list the bogies as being Y25Lss1-K but only appear to make the Y25Ls(s)d1-K variant, so I assume there’s a typo in the specs.

By the way, their 3D rotatable views of all their products each contain 56 separate images (of 760x297 resolution) which can, with a little technical know-how, be downloaded to your desktop for reference.

Oh ! Thank for your reference ! Really helpful to understand how it work.

Thank you!

It’s really helpful! I have never seen such wonderful references! Thank you a lot!

Oh sorry Duddits, I just realised I congratulated the wrong person for the model. Got a bit mixed up there. :smiley:

Anyway the Astrarail site is a very useful one. I’m planning on doing a low-poly SGGMRSS 90 or SGGRSS 80 at some stage.

Edit: By the way, if you want to download all the 3D rotation views for reference and are not sure how to do it, I find the easiest way is to use Chris Pederick’s Web Developer add-on for Chrome, Firefox or Pale Moon. After clicking on the 3d view and letting it spin once, select Images > View Image Information from the Web Developer menu. You’ll then get a page with the lot, and can just click and drag them into your desktop folder.

I’m pretty sure Astrarail would have no objections to the images being used for personal reference.

Without downloading this add-on, you can save the page (Ctrl+S) and it download all images from the page.
But thanks for the add-on anyway. :slight_smile:

Yes that would work too, but often I don’t want the whole page, and I find the add-on very useful anyway.

I would need the 3D model. Can you help? How can I get it?