Wagon Wheel in the Sand **Updated Cinder Block Wall**

I’m not sure but I think this may be the first project I’ve ever called “Finished”.

“Wagon Wheel in the Sand”

Look great!

How did you make the sand though? :smiley:

Looks very nice. Perhaps moving the camera a bit so that the wagon wheel is not dead center might make this compositionally more interesting.

This image would look cool in black and white, or sepia toned like an old photo.

Fairly decent image, like the textures

Those are some very nice bricks… I like the way they just subtley stand out from the cement… and nice attention to cracks and such on them.

Hey Kansas, you should try making your bricks like that :wink:

Thanks, everyone for the comments.

The sand was made from a plane that I subdivided 2 or 3 times and then fractal subdivided. Autosmooth is on with degrees at around 10. The predominant texture is a cloud procedural (nor) wit a custom image map for a few random details (neg nor, col).

I took your suggestion about moving the camera and your right. Here’s the new angle (Thanks!).

(See below for the B&W and sorta-Sepia)

The mortar is extruded from a squashed half-circle and is a seperate object from the bricks. For the bricks I used a distorted noice procedural (nor) and then I created an image map (nor) to round off the edges some. Next I created an image map (nor) for the larger scratches. And finally an image map (col) for the “stains”.



Looks awesome! :smiley:

Not much to add to anyone elses comments, but that sepia one looks really cool. I like it better for some reason.

nice. Lighting can be improved greatly. the wall is a bit flat (maybe dismap?) and the sand material could use a bit of improvment ( though it could be the resault of the lighting).

Well the look of the textures varies greatly with the color of the lighting. Here’s the older camera angle with shite light (I really like the look of the sand in this one). One of the wall bump maps got turned down on this one so some of the edge wear is not very evident…


Compositionally the camera-adjustment is stronger. I think you could have some more fun with the lights.

As for the brick-wall, sounds like a tutorial in the making, mmmm…? 8)

And so you can compare apples to apples, here’s the final work with the new camera angle and white lights.


I’ve infact been looking at writing another tutorial, perhaps the wall is a good choice. Any other interest out there for something like that?

Finally got around to working on the wall. Compare these to the ones above and let me know what you think…

Experiment #1

Experiment #2

Hey looks really good. The scratches and nicks on the wall and wheel are great. I like the lighter sand though.
And yes, I too would be interested in a tut :wink: