Wagonstar [ kirby fans] :)

some people will recognize this image and some won’t.
this is the wagonstar from kirby’s air ride. my favorite air ride machine.
I’ve been working on it a few days just mostly to get the hang of texturing and lighting. neither of which i have learned. you can’t see it, but the ladder in the back has been modeled, i just didn’t know how to switch camera renders since i have more than one in my scene. the left side is also textured. ao gives to much ‘dirt’ and yafray is beyond my grasp and i have no idea how to use hdr. enough rambling, here’s the image. i don’t plan on rendering the final image as toon.


Nice model, but I dont like the cartoon shading very much. Are you going to make a kirby too?

I might model kirby, i haven’t decided yet. oh, and i’m not keeping the toon shading, i just wanted to see how it looked render in toon.

<(^.^<) <(^.^)> (>^.^<) (>^.^)>

Thats really good toon shading but its just an object in an empty space.
Add an enviroment.