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i have no idea how the heck i am supposed to work with those IPO curves, i tried the other animation(ya know with the loc and stuff)and i keep screwin up and having to start over. so i just decided to try the other ways…and im not getting nywhere :x …can someone give me a good tut or somethng to help me understand?

Try to be more specific…
Question: you want help on a) IPO editing, or b) animation in general?

let me rephrase…: i would like to know how to use IPO curves…

well, one thing you might try is changing the type of curves they are by typing T in the IPO window. this might make them more managable. For instance, if you want constant movement without the whacky curves of bezier ipos, try linear.

…i dont even now what there supposed to do…i know its some sort of animation but i dont even now how to get a curve on there

Well first you have to set keys, so, in object select mode, press I, (you’ll get a menu) then advance a few frames, move your object, press I again, and choose which type of keyframe you want. now that you have two keyframes, you will see a curve in the IPO window when your object is selected. You can play your animation (in the #D window or the IPO window, depending on where your mouse cursor is) with Alt A.

ooooooooooh ic…but how is that different from the other ways?

There are two basic ways to animate something (there are others too but these are the basic ways) 1) with key frames, and 2) with paths. A key frame animation is what you just did, a path animation, is when you set up a curve in the 3D window and tell your object to follow it. Both will be represented by IPO curves, in the IPO window, which are like a graph, representing the location, rotation, etc, and by changing this graph, we can affect our animation. IPO curves are edited in much the same way as say a NURBS curve.

Look at the KeyFraming tuts there: http://10secondclub.org/users/juicy/

Newbie oriented and very complete.


koooleo, thx alot