Wait a bit...

How could I have a variable change from y to x, then, a specified # of seconds later, change back to y?
(time.sleep(#) doesn’t seem to like blender)

Trigger------and---------property “timer” set 1
If “timer”=0----/

Property interval min 1 max (Delay -1)------and—property timer add 1

If timer =delay-------------and------------timer =0

If timer = any -----------python event

Uhh, sorry, Come again? I’m having a hard time reading that…

No offence.

I’d just have a counter:

timer = obj['timer']
timer += 1

if timer < 60:
    '''do this'''
elif timer < 120:
    '''do something else'''
elif timer <180:
    timer = 0

obj['timer'] = timer

Ok, check this out


DemoLogic.blend (467 KB)

Geoff, same thing, but I can initiate python, or actuators, or use “action properties” based on sequence,

(so can you for that matter) but I am not sure what is better with threading…

There are multiple options

State change + delay sensor

Timer property + property actuator for resetting + property sensor to trigger timeout