Wait to follow a path


I have a character that walks down a path and it works fine when I hit Alt-a. Now I want this action to come later on in the timeline. I have a camera moving to a point where it sees the character standing still then I want him to start walking. I used the NLA editor but that made the walk cycle delay until I wanted it to. The character still starts moving down the path from frame 1. Sorry I am still new to this.


no need to be sorry for being new.

so you have a chracter on a curve path? one way to do it is to set up a ipo for curve speed. so that you make it 0 speed at first, and when you want it to start moving, you push up the speed.

(select curve, open ipo window, select “path” as ipo type, and you should see “speed” on the right edge of the view. select that (if not already selected) and add some curve points by ctrl-lmb clicking. adjust as you want it. 0.0 is in the beginning of curvel, 1.0 is in the end of the curve)


Select the object (your character or it’s rootbone probably) you’ve parented to the curve, go to the object menu (F7) there should your “follow Path” constraint be. Now change the “Offset” to the number of frames you want it to wait. Think that should be it.

Thanks for your help.


You’re welcome… :wink: