Waiting for a friend

Just waiting for a friend, so I can teach him about games design.

Making this thread and sending him a link, not sure if its possible to send a link to a group chat or something on blender artists.

Yes, it is possible.

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Do you know how to do it?

Are you new here? I think it takes some time for a member to be able to post links. Try to participate a bit more in the discussions and soon you will be able to post if you can’t right now.

Or you can send the link by message to the people you talk here.

There is nothing special in posting a link, you just copy the link and paste on your answer.

No I mean like is there a private group chat feature within blenderartists, and you can share the link from that private chat with others.

Not that I know of. Just look at the topics of the forum if there’s something that fulfill your needs.

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@anon54986897 & @Calandro

Yes, there is a way to send a private message/create a private group. Go to your profile, and look at -Messages-

Here you can create a new message, and add whatever users you want to the discussion.


Thanks just went there, I’ll add him if he ever makes an account here.