waiting for a sword

Well, still “sex sell”, i try to explore the many codes of this styles: big…shapes, thin clothes, big armor elements. now i have to find a sword!
Also, as it should help, here is the way i rigged underwear:
modeled wears with only planes; used shrink wrap+ subsurf+ solidify. for the clothes wrinkles, used group on the shrink wrap modifier.

for the rig, i use mesh deform: duplicate the girl body, deleting unused parts (arms, legs, head), closing the mesh, big decimation, solidify, delete internal faces, some sculpt to be sure every part of the clothes are contained into this nex mesh.

then add modifier to the clothes; it must be the first in the list, because every modifiation of polys cut it. (like subsurf x2 in render…)
it’s very usefull too for little parts, like here rings.
please tell me if you have a better method!



Lovely. Great work. I liked the transparent material on their clothes, enhancing her curves.