waiting for the stars

this one took quite some time to blend, and even more time to render.


hope you like!

could we dislike it?
my only crit is the moon on the tower’s wall: seems a simple bump, without care of the stone blocks…

Well done on another amazing picture! The lighting is very interesting.

if you look closely, it does.
more or less all the stones you see are modeled :slight_smile:

Holy SH** !! :o


but what are those two diagonal rock face thingies either side of the building? they make it look like a rocket…

heh great observation! :wink:
they were used to take the pressure oof the sidewalls and enabled the architects to build higher towers… gothic cathedrals live from those.
[dunno if my interpretation is correct tho, so forgive me :-? ]


I like it a lot, I just think the rocks look a little soft, everything else (the water, the water!) looks absolutely great.

Stunning work!


it reminds me of this :stuck_out_tongue:

:o That’s just INSANE @ndy!!!

I really love the thought and “art” you’ve put into this picture.
This isn’t just another “see-what-I-can-do-in-Blender” image
this is a picture that TELLS a STORY!

We hardly ever see that these days, well done!!

I have a couple of questions for you that I hope
you’ll take the time to answer:

  1. Did you do any post-processing on it?

  2. If so…what did you do in detail?

Take care, and keep posting those astonishing images.


traitor: someday i’ll blend one of those, just for you :wink:

JoOngle: a LOT of that is postpro. and i mean A LOOOT

added the fire, glow, waterfall, roughness on the stones and rocks, dirt, more grass, mist, moss, fishing rod, title, sky and the stars.

after all that i still question myself why i built the whole thing stone by stone.

Awesome scene, I really like the feeling around the render, van Helsing, extraordinray genthleman feeling. These movies are drak, mysterious and just awesome in there sfeer. :stuck_out_tongue: Like LOTR also does.


Very good work!


just some screenies.

whole scene

the fishing kid:

i cant believe that i have modeled the best hands and feet i have ever managed to model and they’re about 100 px wide in the finished thing :wink:


owe my fingers hurt.

you alive yet andy?


freaking amazing :o

as I said else where :wink: I’d change the rock on the background to look more as a mountain and I also think you should post a rendered scene without pp… just to see what the differences are


Yes yes … very very nice … the only thing … I just don’t feel natural with a combination of torches and then electric lamps next to them… (next to the entrance)… but hey… I’ve always hated torches! :smiley: so maybe I am not a measure… :smiley:


who said that they’re electric :stuck_out_tongue:


@ndy you ROCKS !!!
this work (WOW) - totaly !!!

if you were god i would worship you :smiley:

GR8 piece of rened and MODELING !!

:o :o :o :o