waiting for the stars

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Beautiful work. I wondered about the stones, and think it’s a bit crazy that you did it block by block, but oh well. The end result was worth it.

This scene has wonderful composition, great lighting and character. I love it.

¡¡¡¡¡Madre mía!!!
@andy this picture rocks!!!
Reminds me a lot of Igor Posavec’s Style … don’t know if you know him, but in case you don’t, try lookin’ after some of his pictures at www.3d-io.com

Great, great, great work!!!

if you look closely, it does.
more or less all the stones you see are modeled :)[/quote]

I think it’s because they have the same seams - it would look more natural if the stones that form the moon had their own seams.

But I did not stumble across the moon, the only thing that could be improved in my opinion is the depth of the stones that form the tower, they look a bit too flat to me.

Anyway, this work is absolutely beautiful - I admire your sense for lighting and mood.

:o What fantastic work, this looks more like an illustration/painting than a 3d model, which is a good thing :smiley:

Well Done :Z :Z :Z :o :smiley:


Great work, @ndy!


WOW, great job! I especially like the fire :).


Incredible… :o

@ndy your works amaze my eyes…

Very good work

Nothing to point…





Beautiful render yet again @ndy.

Excellent composition and scene layout.


I usually don’t reply on larger fantasttic works like this because everything has pretty much already been said, but I love this. It is one of my favorites from you :smiley: The guy setting there fishing on teh wall makes a huge impact, I love it :slight_smile: Great job [!]

awesome. excellent mood…

thumbs up!


Another amazing render @ndy.


i think its fair too say:

@ndy, i hate you”


I’ll say the same thing to you that I did to Alltaken about his tank…

I… You… It’s… Uh… :o …

there it is the kind of pix which i like a lot!

Really well done, @ndy.

You said you have post-processed a lot? can we see one raw render? or more interesting, can we see pix at 1:1 ?


great pic - I really like the tower.

(btw - this sould be my 1000th)

I’m lovin it but a lot of things strike me as odd.

1- there is a total lack of bump in the rocks, they look smooth almost plastic like.
2- the water is very odd, it’s a bit flat and dark.
3- the dude’s feet need some wear.
4- The tower rocks but again it’s flat.

Keep up the good work man! :slight_smile:

Simply amazing @ndy, I have not one crit. Excellent! Very artistic, great job! To this day you still remain my favorite Blender artist. :slight_smile:

Keep it up!


Yes, really great. I like all fantasy stuff and this one especially. After all, great as ever.