Waiting for you

Hello everybody here is my latest project done for Hum3d competition 2020. Modeling was created in Blender, shading lighting and rendering in 3ds max and V-ray, character and clothing was created in Marvelous designer, color corrections in Photoshop.



I like how her bright clothing contrasts with the rest to make her the focus of the picture. Also the sharpness or clarity is greatest there also giving focus. I like how the fog makes the setting gradually less detailed into the distance. That gives depth and directs attention to the character. Everything fits together, is harmonious, to make the picture a complete item rather than a collection of parts.

The vehicle on the bridge is an ambulance or police. Interesting. I see a story there. I like art that invites the viewer to imagine his own meaning or story.

I don’t know how big a Bugatti is but I generally think of super cars as smaller size. She looks tiny compared to the car. That could be good since large size implies higher cost adding to the the sense that she and/or the one she waits for is wealthy. An alternate arrangement could have her standing on the driver’s side of the car. Perhaps just put the steering wheel on the right. In one version she owns the car. In another someone else does.

Something about the pose of her arms/hands doesn’t seem natural.

I don’t like the mask. It is timely for 2020 but I think it distracts from the theme of waiting by injecting another context or story and limits the picture to a specific narrow time (2020). It also adds a restriction to the viewer using his own imagination. I suggest making another version without the mask.

Did you model the car? Do you plan or design your pictures before the technical work starts or compose them intuitively?

Thanks for reply Splododyne
I am glad that you liked it. As far for vehicle on the bridge, it is a police van. Modeling was done in Blender, car, as well as the environment. After that I export everything for 3ds max where I done shading lighting and rendering using V-ray. Character was created in Marvelous designer by using their avatar as a female base since I am not that good in character modeling. Character is small but not too much since the car height is around 125cm, i assume she is around 158 - 160cm.
The story is around character, who waits for a friend to get lost in the fog since it is a police hour, and no one should be outside. The way I work most of the time is when I have story I planned everything in detail so I can, in my mind, have finished piece. Sometimes I change something in the way if it make sense.
Thanks for advice, I will take your suggestions in consideration, will try something different maybe will come out even better.

Since the fog is a main element, I’d bump it up a bit and let it catch the light from the street lights on the bridge and the headlights of the car.

What is police hour?


Thanks for advice i suppose it would be even better, but in my case light was not affected by the fog, here is a fog pass.


I don’t know how you pronounce it, but in Serbia that is refereed to limited movement, sometimes couple days.