waiting out the night (update, human hand)

I’m taking a little break from my other wip.

big version:

The robot is a somewhat older model (pretty simplistic). I’ll either work on him or model another one. Obviously, hes also untextured :slight_smile: .

any C+C welcome.


human hand, scroll down.

haha lol really cool.

Nice fire and firelit effect, nice grass as well.

Great image, My only question is, why does a robot need a fire? :expressionless:

One question, what is that blue ‘energy’ stuff behind him?

thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

why does a robot need a fire?

Thats a very good question, I’d like to know too :wink:
actually, its because i’m really bad at organic modelling. I think I might give it a try for this scene though. It’ll be good practice and maybe an icebreaker into organic modelling (and actual skinning and weight painting :-? )

One question, what is that blue ‘energy’ stuff behind him?

well, when I first started I was going to make a scene with a guy standing in front of a warpgate type thing. When I changed it i decided to leave what I had of the warpgate in there. I may take it out but I think it looks all right (though maybe pointless).

I really like the robot and the scene. But the robots head is WAY too tiny for the size of the body.

Maybe his human companion told him to keep the fire burning, and then went away to scout the territory or something, and got killed in some unspeakably horrible way by some kind of freaky alien race, and now, a thousand years later, the robot is still waiting… fire burning brightly…

Dunno why i thought of that, but its as good an explanation as any?

thanks for the crit gryphon, I’ll keep that in mind when I go back and work on him.

ikekrull, well thats as good a reason as any I suppose :slight_smile:

well, I had an idea for adding a human character (or rather, part of one) to the scene. Also good practice for me. Its probably just going to be a hand and part of the arm. I started modelling a bit of the hand, mostly the fingers, not so much the palm. No image reference though I stared at my hand a bit. This is my first time trying to model something organic looking so I really need your crits and suggestions.





ok, can’t work on this anymore. Did a few things to it. The hand came out all right, you can barely see it anyways. check it out at Finished. Thanks for the help