Waiting out the night

Still I couple things I would’ve liked to do with this pic (real textures on the robot, remodel robot etc) but I have to work on something else now.


large render:


hope you like it :slight_smile:

wow. that turned out very nice dude, well done. gives pat on ur back:stuck_out_tongue:

Great work. 8) I like the atmosphere created by the lighting (by atmosphere I mean mood.) The robot’s pose is what wins me over most.The hand with the knife is too shiny, and if that texture on the ground is meant to be dried, cracked mud, it seems to me that the cracks are sticking out and the wider parts are sunk. Fire seems to be exploding.

Sorry if I sound critical, that’s just the way I think. Seriously, it’s awesome.

Very nice, love the lighting

thanks for the comments.

no need to be sorry NQE1, constructive crits are always great and much appreciated. Now that you mentioned the ground, I just noticed that. I probably hit the NOR button once too many times. whoops :expressionless: .

lighting really does it for me, really captured the the fire look.

i dunno but looks like an Assassin coming up on the rocks cool render!