Wakeboarding/Boat Driving game help?

Hey i’m sorry for all these random questions, but I’m working on a wakeboarding game at the moment. It’s coming together slowly but it’s working fine. The riding needs lots of work and same with driving, although it isn’t too bad.

[here’s a link to the other forum that it’s posted on]

What I’m wondering at the moment, is how you can get an object to move constantly along a path. I can get it to move but how can I attach it to a path. In other words, this will be the boat, which is set as a parent of the rider (there’s probably a better way to do this), and I am trying to get it to pull the rider. How can this be achieved?

Thanks so much.

I think you mean using curves to animate…hold on while I get a tutorial…
ok… right here… http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/PartVII/Following_a_Path