Waking life Shader nodes for blender

Hello to everyone,

I’ve aways loved the waking life graphic style. Does someone know how to reach an approximation of that graphic result using a series of shader nodes ? In cycles,please. Thanks.

I just saw this thread today. If you’re thinking that’s there’s a compositing node tree, FORGET IT. “Waking Life” wasn’t made by shooting footage and then applying some Photoshop/Gimp filter on top; every frame (or some fraction thereof) was ROTOSCOPED by a large team of animators utilizing a program developed by the head animator (whose name escapes me at the moment) to interpolate the hand-traced, keyframed splines.

That said, if you’re looking for an approximation of that look (emphasis on approximation), you have two, maybe three options:

  1. I recently saw this thread that will approximate a “painterly” effect not unlike some Photoshop/Gimp filters. I personally have not tried it. This is the simplest way to achieve something remotely similar.

  2. If you’re not talking about footage but 3D elements rendered out in an animation in Blender, experiment with the Freestyle settings. Maybe that’s all you need…?

  3. You can rotoscope your footage using the grease pencil and in a similar fashion interpolate the spline movements. This will probably be far closer to the true “Waking Life” look but unless you have 30 friends helping you you’re gonna have BIG WORK ahead of you using this method. I’m thinking anything more than 25 frames and you’ll see why there’s no quick solution to your request.

I once had a client who asked me for a “Waking Life” look. Then I presented him with a cost estimate…!

I don’t want to discourage you (or anybody looking to do this) but be aware it is not a matter of chaining together four compositing nodes and you’re Richard Linklater! Cheers!

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Hello. yes,I’m trying to reach an approximation of the waking life graphic style. I would like to apply the same graphic effect to 1600 frames. Those are the most important frames of a 2 hr movie,because inside them I have embedded the subtites of the movie,so they can’t be skipped. The meaning of the movie is inside those. Even if there are “only” 1600 frames,the job is tedious if I want to rotoscope them manually with the grease pencil. What I wanna do is basically is altering quicky the face and body characteristics of the actors shown inside the 1600 frames using a decent graphic style,such as the comic style. I tried a lot of effects right now but I haven’t been never satisfied.

And you never will be by just applying effects. Just sayin’…

Perhaps it depends on what you are willing to sacrifice with regard to the “Look”? The painterly effect from my thread will get you a vaguely similar effect to the A-Ha music video for Take On Me. Although that was all roto as well :sweat_smile::wink:

I agree with @gtomorrow, no way you can automate that process, if you want to have great results you have to work hard for it.

Btw have anyone seen “love, death + robots” the witness,
Flipping amazing stuff (Love, Death & Robots https://g.co/kgs/MNGXpQ).

Here is a hint to a possible solution based on AI style transfer http://genekogan.com/works/style-transfer/

eheheh. this is interesting :

anyway,your interesting hint made me think about the use of the projection painting. I can project the colors used on the waking life directly into my sketch,maybe created with the grease pencil or even in 3D. So,do u have a tutorial about the projection painting on blender 2.8 ?