Wal-Mart is evil...

So this young woman goes into a Wal-Mart and purchases a pair of flipflops for $2.44. After wearing them for a while she gets a burning sensation on her feet. At first it wasn’t so bad, her feet looked like this:

Several days later, the chemical burn progresses and it ends up looking like this:


When she notified Wal-Mart they told her to take the matter up to the Chinese manufacturer.

To this day they continue selling these same flipflops…

You can read the full story here: http://www.lamanaphotography.com/walmart2.htm

Well, after showing this to my wife, her first question was: “Who the f*ck wears the shoes after the first day of noticing burn marks?”

She stopped wearing them but the burn continued. I think she had a reaction to the material that the flipflops were made out of. (Yes, I’m captain obvious!)

If this wasn’t the only case reported then there would already be mass law suits that were popping up in the news everywhere, It isn’t Wall-Marts fault that the lady has allergies to certain materials as Wall-Mart just resells products and doesn’t actually manufacture them. and seriously… if the burn continued why not just take some dam rubbing alcohol or something and wipe the feet clean from any residue / or what ever was on it unless shes that retarded and kept wearing them even when it burned, and btw when something is burning people usually try to adjust their foot wear to better suit them OR SEE THE DAM DOCTOR, this looks like she didn’t even bother to make an attempt to adjust.

My opinion on this is that she made the story up and is trying to get money from Wall-Mart (Like many cases before hers) but that still doesn’t mean that that dam store is EVIL :slight_smile:

Lately there have been lots of stories of products (mainly toys) coming out of china which contain dangerous chemicals (even dog food! :smiley: ) which were pulled off the market in the US.
Actually the toy thing even affected europe a little.
Come to europe! No Wal-Mart in sight! …yet…

i doubt the Uk will ever get wal marts…we have enough cough “bad” shops here already

Ouch! Now, why do I have the urge to try to make a procedural material that looks like that?

http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prereloct07.html this is just this month…

Check out the rest of the site. http://www.cpsc.gov

Walmart is EVIL because they sold their soul to the devil (china) for cheap goods and now we are paying the price from lead to dangerous chemicals. Sam Walton is turning in his grave. Profit for Safety. Who is doing anything about it? Is our president concerned? No. China is becoming one of the largest and richest economies in the world all on American money. We did this to ourselves, no one to blame but US companies who use China made goods.

There are plenty of other reasons to call walmart evil :wink:


Thats not true! In Germany there are several Wal-Marts.

b.t.w. you can even see at Southpark that Wal-Mart is evil.:evilgrin:

Speaking of Walmart,

FYI, I hear that they will not stop shop-lifting unless security sees it with their own eyes, and even then they will just tell you to leave. Supposedly their was a big lawsuit over stopping a shop-lifter and Walmart was sued and lost, so they figure its cheaper just to implement a “let it go” policy. Don’t know if this is true, and I DON’T RECOMMEND FINDING OUT.

It just shows how crappy our societies rules and ethics (in the U.S.) are becoming. Sad.

Take cover!

Is there anything that ppl won’t sue for in the U.S.?

Asda is owned by Wal-Mart, so they are in Europe, mainly the UK.

I wouldn’t be surprised if China takes over the world in a few years. With everything being made in China, and so many people buying it. We are giving them the resources. All they need to do is use it against us.

But I think Dans reason is why Walmart is evil. But then again, whenever I go to Walmart, over half the employees are retired senior citizens. And I think all they care about is being able to be around people, rather then sit home alone.

Ha, that’s true. I think Walmart is ANNOYING, not evil. People go their cuz it’s suppose to be cheaper, but then you spend a half-hour waiting at the checkout register. A half-hour of my time is more than the nickels & dimes Walmarts prices save me. I’d rather shop anywhere else, just to get out of the store quickly.

And the NOISE!!! Holy Crap Walmart is loud. Next time you’re there stop and listen…BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEEP!!! That’s all I can feakin hear.

Plus, in my neighborhood Walmart is like the poverty store, everyone looks fat and ready to die, coughing up lungs, and wobbling down the isle and such.

I bought some cheap shoes there a few months ago. You know - the boats made of very cheap but tough material. They are almost boots, they don’t look at all stylish… but yeah…


edit: Tons and tons of Walmarts here…

Is there anything that ppl won’t sue for in the U.S.?

no, we sue for everything. the only alternative is to try and talk things out (never works, kindergarden fantasy) beat the person up and go to jail, or sue. sueingis fun! just watch!

I wouldn’t be surprised if China takes over the world in a few years. With everything being made in China, and so many people buying it. We are giving them the resources. All they need to do is use it against us.

nope, never, wont happen. but it will make a great story! (im making an animation where china takes over the world. i refuse to post in the WIP becuase it is to remain secret, well… mostly secret…)

WAL-MART isnt all that bad. out here in El Paso Target is king. i like our super target a little better. the atmosphere is more relaxed, the employes try and help you, plus its more organized. except that damn elevator music they play! :spin:

Maybe it’s the lead that’s in all those recent toy recalls.

Take it up to the Chinese manufacturer! How is she suppose to get it settled with someone on the other side of the world. This is just Walmart’s way of saying sorry but we don’t care, find someone who does. Looks like she found the internet.

Yeah, what a big F.U. to the consumer. This ought to be a total P.R. disaster for Wal-Mart, coming on top of all the other trouble we’ve had with Chinese goods. Wal-Mart can’t be all “Poisonous Chinese goods - who knew?” They DO have a responsibility to be looking out for dodgy Chinese companies and not buy their stuff. Wal-Mart has all the leverage in the world. A customer buying sub-$3 flip flops has no leverage.

dont fear my freinds, i have sent my best team of commandos to take care of that pesky walmart.

no one will ever guess,…
the furyness… the furyness… the cute furyness…