Walaber's Trampoline [GAME w/ blender models]

here are some images from my game “Walaber’s Trampoline”. all models except for the male gymnast were made by me in Blender. The Male gymnast model was made by another artist in Max, but I rigged and animated it in Blender. Lightmapping was done with Gile[s], and the renderer is Ogre3D.

Screenshots click for 1280x1024
http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_01_sm.jpg http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_02_sm.jpg http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_03_sm.jpg
http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_04_sm.jpg http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_05_sm.jpg http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_06_sm.jpg
http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_07_sm.jpg http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_08_sm.jpg http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_09_sm.jpg
http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_10_sm.jpg http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_11_sm.jpg http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_12_sm.jpg
http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_13_sm.jpg http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_14_sm.jpg http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_15_sm.jpg

Official Trailer
http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_vid_youtube.jpg http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_vid_google.jpg http://walaber.com/trampoline/tramp_vid_dl.jpg

Download Links
FULL INSTALL [75MB .MSI] - be sure to uninstall any previous versions before installing this one.
ZIPPED [72 MB .ZIP]- just zipped up, you must have the msvc8 runtime for this to run.

Nicely done. Nicely. Freakin’. Done.

What a fun little game. Granted, I wouldn’t buy it, as a) I don’t play sports games and b)… oh well, the a was really the biggest reason I have.

I played the four first segments of the story mode and after a while I even manged to do some of the easy tricks.

A small suggestion: the female jumper has a dress on and I did bother me, that the dress part was static while jumping. Sure, I just might be a perv, but it would make a nice little feature if the dress would act accordingly. And I really didn’t like the fence texture in the backyard.

awesome! :slight_smile:

what will be your next project after stunt playground and the trampoline game?

What a fun little game. Granted, I wouldn’t buy it
That’s why the game is freeware, I want people to play it / try it :slight_smile:

what will be your next project after stunt playground and the trampoline game?
I’m not sure… I may take some time to localize Trampoline into other languages if there is interest… and then decide on my next project. It will probably be a smaller game, Trampoline took over a year to complete!

The game looks nice! and good job Walaber
five stars from me…

This is actually pretty fun. It’s kinda frustrating at first, but once you get used to the controls and land a nice little combo after a few minutes of just messing around it actually becomes pretty damn enjoyable.

That and trying to launch the guy off as far as you can :smiley:

Really awesome! I’ve never seen a gymnastics-style game before…you can make it like a fight-action type game where you play vs. player hitting button combo’s to do the best routine maybe :smiley: Even add the gymnastics events like floor, bars, beam, etc… hehe ok i’m getting carried away, but it’d be cool and a first too I believe! :slight_smile:

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Very good only It won’t count my dack drop (or maybe it’s my stomach drop) for the roundup on the second stage lol.

i remember when this game was storated way back when, there was a post on it lol

Awesome. Its really nicely done. It glitches up occasionally, but nothing major. Im really impressed by the ragdoll physics, how did you manage them? I’ve been using the game engine for a while, and have never seen them done like this before.

whoa, at the end there where it said “realistic physics”…dang. i never want that to happen to me. shudder

After playing for a few minutes, I can figure out how to do a front filp, but thats about it. I haven’t read directions yet, but will do that next. Just wanted to say what a sweet game that is! I LOVE the soundtrack! How’d you get permission to put those songs in the game? If it would be possible for me to get the sound track, just let me know how, and I will be downloading it/buying it tomorrow (if I don’t have time tonight). Once again, awesome game! I love the bone-crushing wipeouts possible with this!

absolutely stunning. The ragdoll physics is great (i’m assuming its ragdoll). I think this really helps the GE image. I wouldn’t bother translating it, but by all means keep up the good work and show us some more stuff! On a side note, I think the miniskirt was a poor choice. it would be better with some tight shorts or a leotard–but I guess we can fix that ourselves can’t we.

looks good ill try it out when i get the time :smiley:

Haven’t played the game much but loving your music - any way to purchase the music with some benefit to you? Tell the artists that it is definitely getting them at least a few fans :slight_smile:


just to clarify, this game was not made with the Blender Game Engine. all of the 3D assets (except those noted above) were created in Blender, and exported for use with Ogre3D for rendering. the physics are using the Newton Dynamics engine.

as for the music, the game manual lists all of the artists, make sure to support them by visiting their websites, they were kind enough to let me use their music for free!

I’m digging this game so much man! Fun playing something out of the ordinary!


Your game is so cool :smiley:

I showed it one of my friends who are a gymnast, and he thought it was so cool that they created a article about on a danish gymnast site… check it out:


It’s on danish, but it made it to the front page :stuck_out_tongue: