Hello, there is not much to say about the picture. I’ve built a forest path.
I used various addons, including True-Terrain, Graswald and Botaniq. Rendered with volumetrics and 500 samples + desnoiser. Then edited with Photoshop.


That’s awesome!!
It gives thriller vibes.

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I like it a lot, very atmospheric. I’m not sure what the orange tinted part in the horizon is supposed to be though, is that from the sun or a fire? I don’t know if it’s physically accurate to show sunlight like that through mist, but maybe I am wrong there. My only other thought is there needs to be some type of focus. Even if you put a black shadowy figure standing in the distance it would help a lot, but ideally you would put something wit lights that stood out, like an old car with bright lights on or something. Anyways, just some thoughts, great scene.

nice!! Out of the add-ons you mentioned, which one was your favorite/most flexible scatterer?

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I think it’s good that the color in the background makes you think;)
but i agree with you, a motive, a focus would certainly not have harmed the picture. next time: D

@srchristoph That’s a good question. true terrain is good when it comes to the surface of the ground. to distribute a few stones and things like that. I like botaniq because it has a lot of bigger assets, trees, plants, cactuses, bushes and things like that. I think graswald is good when it comes to very detailed views. the assets are of very good quality.

that’s super helpful. Thank you @xeonow

I’ve been looking into which one to try out. They all look pretty great. :smiley:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you! Have a great weekend!

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