Hello folks,

here is my work-in-progress project, a “Waldweg”:

I’m using 5 particle systems for instancing plants (5000-10000 instances), rocks (10000 instances) and leaves (100000 instances) each.
The rendering is done in two passes: one with Surbsurf Scattering and one without, later I combine these.

I’m planning to add more green stuff but my laptop is on it’s last bytes of memory while rendering this one :stuck_out_tongue: If anyone has hints on how to lower memory consumption would be awesome :slight_smile:


greetings /// stardiaries

Hi, Im not too sure what aWaldweg` is but I think I like it. :slight_smile:

I know nothing about the particle system and instancing you have going on I`m afraid.
Just wanted to say I really like the bushes/hedges at the top part of the hill. Very convincing imo.

What IS a Waldweg, pray tell?

Looks good so far. I know it’s a WIP, but consider using some DoF

Waldweg = German for “forest track”

Yes I think that’s a good idea, I’ll leave that to the postprod step though.

I’m not so happy with the details of some objects like the stones and leaves on the ground, so I went 1 step backwards again to prepare some sort of library of objects. Once I have enough I’ll replace my boring white stones and unicolored dry leaves with something better :smiley:

Here is the WiP for the stones:


got some time to work on my stones library, here’s a test render.
Progress is a bit slow as I can only dowload 3 textures per day on cgtextures :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used multires modifer while sculpting them, so lets see if I can implement some kind of LOD for my final scene, using lower resolution for far away objects.

I aim for more or less 50 distinct stones to start the first test renders for my nature scene.


I’ve got some time recently to continue working on the “Waldweg” scene.My stone object library is quite useable already, there are around 20 different stones grouped after 3 LOD’s.The distribution of all objects is completely revamped, it should look more natural now.Also, I’ve set up some compositing nodes to give the image a more realistic look.Check out here for a breakdown of the process: http://vitaminx.carbonmade.com/projects/4628620