Walk actions on a crab rig

I’ve been working on a cartoon crab. All of the simple actions work fine in the NLA editor, but I am having issues with a walk cycle. I have a root bone, within the crab and that will move the whole thing. I also have a root.master bone up top which is the parent of the root. It too can move everything. I guess my issue is this. The crab will be wandering around the scene, starting stopping, and so I’ve created an action of the legs walking in place. This action does not include keyframes on the root.master. To move the whole crab around the scene I keyframe the root.master.

I don’t know, forget what I have done, how do you guys handle the general wandering of a character, do you use a separate action strip for the motion?

He looks like this:

I would say use drivers… but looks like you’ve already figured that out and using them…

on second thought… maybe not…

You could use drivers such that when you move the Root bone… the Legs automajicly perform their walk actions…

Walking and wandering is a different thing. Walking is directional, where as wandering has to do with changing direction on a spot. When a man wanders, before he takes a step he needs to swivel from the hip to change the direction of his upper body travel. And, put the foot down in new direction.

With crab, it needs to swivel his body while his supporting foot is planted on the ground. The raised foot rotate and plants towards the direction of movement. This almost make it necessary to have IK target on the foot so that one can control foot movement and planting.

Ok thanks norvan and ridix. I’ll keep those in mind as I work on the movement some more. Appreciate it. I’ll probably need to put a few IK pole targets in there.