Walk Beside Me

(bayuitra) #1

Hi guys :slight_smile:
So i just have done my latest study and personal work,
Hopefully you enjoy it :slight_smile:
#B3D #Cycles #PS

(michalzisman) #2

I like it!

(Siah Sargus) #3

No case on the phone? She really lives on the edge!

It’s an amazing image, especially how well you were able to capture the concept art. The coat in the Concept is a little more organic and cloth like than the flatter coat in the final render.

(Pierrick PICAUT) #4

Very nice and clean execution.
Nice lighting and shadding. That’s a beautifull work

(Thijs Linssen) #5

wauw! Great job!!

(Naseem Shanbour) #6

phenomenal job, that’s a nice art work

(MammothEmpire) #7

Looks amazing! great work

(vince1845) #8

can someone do a tutorial on how to make 3d characters like this? We gotta help each other. :slight_smile:

(foxrender) #9

Good work, but I think the face expression of concept is better

(Ralmon Meril) #10

Really awesome. Thumbs up!

(threedslider) #11

Great work ! Beautiful this character I like how you make it. Keep it up more stuff please :).