Walk Beside Me

Hi guys :slight_smile:
So i just have done my latest study and personal work,
Hopefully you enjoy it :slight_smile:
#B3D #Cycles #PS

I like it!

No case on the phone? She really lives on the edge!

Itโ€™s an amazing image, especially how well you were able to capture the concept art. The coat in the Concept is a little more organic and cloth like than the flatter coat in the final render.

Very nice and clean execution.
Nice lighting and shadding. Thatโ€™s a beautifull work

wauw! Great job!!

phenomenal job, thatโ€™s a nice art work

Looks amazing! great work

can someone do a tutorial on how to make 3d characters like this? We gotta help each other. :slight_smile:

Good work, but I think the face expression of concept is better

Really awesome. Thumbs up!

Great work ! Beautiful this character I like how you make it. Keep it up more stuff please :).