Walk Cycle (1st Attempt)

A quick walk cycle:

Please critique.

  1. For the motions depicted, timing and pacing are good.

  2. Why the tiptoe? Is it intentional? Being up on the toes changes the dynamics of bipedal motion a lot, so if it’s intentional, account for it in the walk.

  3. Missing: Weight transfer! The center of gravity (CoG – usually the pelvis region) of a body shifts as the steps move the weight from one supporting foot to another. Your pelvis is rock-steady.

  4. Missing: Bobbing motion, Each step is an interrupted fall forward, so as the foot catches the fall the legs flex a bit to absorb the energy, causing the pelvis to shift its Z-axis (vertical) location. A subtle but critical part of a natural walk.

  5. Missing: Pelvic swing. The hips rotate on a lateral plane as steps are taken. This need not be a large motion but it should be there to some degree.

  6. Missing: Pelvic “sway.” This is what causes a woman’s hips to “swivel” as she walks, but it’s part of male walking as well, just not as pronounced and different timing. Basically the pelvis shifts its angle depending on which foot carries the weight.

You notice I mention the pelvis a lot. This is because the pelvis as much as the feet is where walking take place, that’s why our skeleton is unique among primates, it’s evolved for upright, bipedal motion. Our legs are much more similar to the other primates.

Thank you so much @chipmasque! I was wondering why it looked so stiff. It felt like a robot. I’ll put out the updated version when I’m done.