walk cycle help

hey everyone!

so i’ve made 2 versions of a walk cycle…one where the character doesn’t move and it has a stride bone and one where i’ve animated the master bone to move in sync with the feet. i’ve tried to use both versions with a path with no luck. on the one with the stride bone, the character will not start on the first point of the path and i’ve tried all the obvious fixes…it will follow the curve of the path, starting at the character’s location and it doesn’t really turn to when the path turns. also, this version has some sliding on the feet

the second version will walk a straight line without the path constraint and i’ve got it set to repeat 6 times for a total of 235 frames…but when i parent it to a path, it only makes the first cycle, then stops moving it’s feet but the character continues on the path

any ideas?

i used ward7299’s walk on a path tutorial on youtube for the stride bone version and he was having trouble making it work towards the end of the video as well, but never offered a fix for the problem.

thanks for your help!