Walk Cycle Issue

I looked up a few tutorials online found a simple walk cycle tutorial and followed it, it ended up the character not moving, nor would the walk cycle play, so i did another, same out come, I found yet another and still the same out come. So I’m guessing its an error on my part im just not sure which, because I did everything they said.

http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/4342/wtfuzz.jpg here is a picture of how its set up, according to the video i watched, the controls are there for forward only and it should play the forward walk cycle, but it wont, nor does it move forward.

PS its my first rigged character please dont hate on the crappy rig LOL!

you don’t have an action setup in the AC: field of the action actuator

even when I put one in, it still wont work.

anyone have an ideas?

BUMP anyone? cmon

Hmm I think I know. Did you parent the character to the armerature? A lot of times people flip flop the parenting, like myself (on accident, lol). Select the character, then use ctr and select the armerature, then use ctr p, and then select “bone heat” one. Also, when you make the frames, make sure it is rotscale, that is a common problem too. Hope I helped man :slight_smile: