Walk cycle - jerkyness...

Hey guys, I hate to ask, as I would much rather work it out myself, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why my walk cycle is all jerky.

I have a .blend here of the guy with the walk cycle, and I’d just like some pointers/help as to where I have gone wrong.


Sorry to bother all you guys, but this is really bugging me.

Thanks in advance,


Look in the Ipo Editor window, select Pose from the dropdown, and select each bone one by one in pose mode to look at the curves. You can edit those curves like ordinary curves (bezier) by tabbing into Edit mode in the Ipo Window.

It doesn’t really look all that terribly jerky, but there are some bumpy curves that maybe should be smoothed out.

Other than that, the hip movement is not very natural, I think. For this armature you’d probably have better results if your hip bones didn’t move, at least not in and out as they are doing. Also, you will probably want to make your legs IK rather than FK.

Ok, thanks for the help mate!!

I tried selecting the IPO curves but for some reason they wouldnt come up in the window. Invariably, its my bad:)

once again, thankyou for yout time.


Make sure “Pose” is selected in the Ipo Editor window header dropdown. Not sure if I made that part clear enough. You need to be looking at it in pose mode, but also you need to be looking at the Pose Ipos, two different things to select.

Yeah, I realised that, but thanks for re-enforcing it lol.

Turns out you haveto have the action selected as well before the IPO curves will appera. Remarkably simple lol.

Thanks Bugman