Walk Cycle Loop

My first and the last keyframes are the same.
How do i get rid of the delay when i loop my walk cycle or any other animation? :confused:

end the animation a couple frames short before restarting it… or like a frame

If i do that i still see some twitching and delay, how do other people create perfect walk cycles?

Anyone got some other suggestions?

Yea i know that i can do that with NLA editor and create like a million frames so my walk cycle can loop forever, but this character is for a game and i am afraid that adding 999 keyframes can be bad, or is it not?

I want to have lets say 24 frame walk cycle and just play the same 24 frames in the timeline over and over without having a delay is it possible?
or do i have to loop it 999 times?

Ok I thought you just wanted to loop the walkcycle for an animation.

If you want to loop a walkcycle in the game engine, you just need to use the Action actuator with “Loop end” setting on your armature ; in this actuator you also need to set your animation to play from the first frame to the frame before last.

There is a good tutorial about using a character in the game engine on Blender Cookie.

Just a small tip, if your animation is 24 frames (including last frame being the same as the first frame) then if you use that for the game engine you should make a loop from frame 1 (or zero if you started from there) to 23, the the next movement will be frame 1 which is the next pose as it is the same as 24 so it will loop :wink: