Walk Cycle Modifier doesn't work properly

Hi all,

My current situation is:
I’m animating some kind of raptor. Later it shall move along a path. I tried it with a “Stride”-Bone, but it looked horrible whenever the raptor slided through the curves.

Then I found something about Walk Cycle Modifiers here. I tried to apply this technique to my armature, got rid of the Stride-bone and changed the cycle to use an Offset-bone. It worked all fine, but if I try to take the last step, adding the Deform Modifier, my whole Armature gets completely screwed up. If someone of you looks at my file and gives me some helpful hints, i will be REALLY relieved.

Thanks in advance!

The most common error, you have not applied scale and rotation (CTR-A) to your armature, and you have not set the “anim settings” axis (F7) (-Y) to match up with the direction your armature axis is pointing.

There are a couple of threads on the modifier/walk system, I’ll post the links when I find them in my thread collection.

edit here’s one of the bigger ones :



I love you! I love blender! It simply ROCKS if you know how to do something!