walk cycle need critique

this is my first try of walk cycle…please critique…

I’d be the last one to critique since I’ve only done two walk cycles in my life. And, actually I think your little guy is looking good. But, I do have a thought here. I have Dropbox and love it. But, it’s not the place to post video unless the targeted audience is going to DOWNLOAD IT.

It took me a month to get that through my thick head. One minute you could go to Dropbox and the uploaded video looked fine and a hour later it would look like trash. The fact is Dropbox is for the exchange of files. And, exchange implies the other party is going to download it.

Stick to Youtube and Vimeo for displaying your videos. And, Vimeo for the special ones I might add. Nice little character there.

I agree. Better to post it on Youtube and Vimeo. However, the walk cycle does look good. But to get a better view, post a front and side view so they can gauge it better.

Thank you for the advice about animation and dropbox really appreciate that i’ll keep in mind next time…But in case
Here’s is the link of my youanimator ,Please do see this…